Press & Media

Czech and foreign media representatives who wish to report on the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s 58th Annual  Session will need special accreditation.

Application for accreditation

In order to receive accreditation, media representatives must fill in an accreditation form and submit it, to the Czech Press Secretariat of the NATO PA Annual Session no later than Wednesday 7 November.

The application form can be submitted by e-mail to:
Dr. Jiri Hybs
Press Service, Secretary
Address: Poslanecka snemovna, Snemovni ul. c. 4, 118 26 Praha 1,
Tel: +420 257 174 202 | Fax +420 257 533 903
E-mail: | Website:

Word Accreditation Form (DOC, 60 KB)

Receiving the Identification badge

Upon the receipt of the application form, the Czech Press Secretariat of the NATO PA Annual Session will contact the media representatives by e-mail to inform them on whether the request has been received and accepted.

Identification badges will be available from Friday 9 November in the Prague Congress Center, 5. kvetna 65 | 140 21 Prague 4 | Czech Republic, at the following times:

Friday 9 November         9:00-18:00
Saturday 10 November        8:30-18:00
Sunday 27 November         8:30-18:00   
Monday 28 November        8:00-12:00

Access to the NATO PA Annual Session events

The Identification badge ensures access to all events included in the programme for the media which are held in the Prague Congress Center, 5. Kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4.

Security and internal regulations

The identification badge must be carried in a visible manner at all times within the Session venue. It should be presented upon a request made by Session staff or security officers.  Accredited media representatives should also carry an ID document bearing a photograph of the owner. If the accreditation badge is lost, the media representative should immediately contact Czech Press Secretariat  in the Prague Congress Center : +420 261 177 006

Media representatives are requested to arrive in a timely fashion at the Session event venue because the security check can take approximately 15 minutes.
Security officers will thoroughly examine everyone who seeks to enter the premises of an event. All belongings – computers, cameras, equipment and handbags – will undergo a full examination.

Additional information and questions about accreditation

If you would like to receive additional information about media accreditation to the NATO PA Session, please contact Tel: +420 257 174 202 | Fax +420 257 533 903
E-mail: | Website: