Committee on Agriculture


The Committee on Agriculture was established within the Czechoslovak (and Czech) parliaments already in 1918. Its main agenda involved the discussion of agricultural matters. The Committee operated within the Chamber of Deputies until 1938; after World War II, it was re-established within the Interim National Assembly in 1945 and continued operating as the Committee on Agriculture and Nutrition in the National Assembly as well as in the Czech National Council (in 1968–1990). After that, agricultural matters within the Czech National Council were addressed by the Committee on National Economy. The Committee on Agriculture was re-established in 1992.

Recent Development

After the dissolution of the Czechoslovak Federation (1st January 1993), the Committee on Agriculture of the Czech National Council became a body of the Chamber of Deputies. In the 1990s, the Committee discussed the necessary reform laws for the functioning of agribusiness. Since 1998, the Committee has addressed a number of acts required for the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU.

Current Agenda – 5th Electoral Term of the Chamber of Deputies

Discussing Bills

The Committee discusses bills between the first and second readings. It addresses especially bills on agriculture, the food industry, forestry and water management, the fishing industry, land surveying and rural development, which have been assigned to it by the Chamber of Deputies. For the purpose of discussing a bill in the Committee, the chairperson appoints a rapporteur from among the members of the Committee who shall submit a report. The discussion of a bill results in the Committee’s resolution, which is then presented to the Chamber of Deputies. The Committee’s resolution includes any amendments proposed by the members of the Committee and approved by the Committee.

Monitoring the Government

The Committee’s competence includes discussing the budget chapters of the Ministry of Agriculture and of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre. It also discusses the Czech Land Fund and the State Agricultural Intervention Fund budget proposals, as well as agricultural subsidy programs for the relevant calendar year.

Every year, the Committee discusses the Report on the State of Czech Agriculture.

The Committee discusses candidates for members of the Czech Land Fund Supervisory Board, the State Agricultural Intervention Fund Supervisory Board and the Wine Growers’ Fund Supervisory Board, after which the members are elected by the Chamber for Deputies pursuant to special laws.

Foreign Relations and Other Activities

The Committee maintains foreign contacts with partner committees in EU member states and third countries. The Committee organises or co-organises seminars and conferences on current agricultural and forestry issues and the issues of rural development, including the relevant legislation. Further important activities of the Committee include cooperation with non-governmental and professional organisations. The Committee deals with bills transposing secondary EU law into the area of agriculture; in the 5th Electoral Term, for example, it has adopted an amendment to the Animal Feed Act, the Act on Plant Medicinal Care, the Animal Welfare Act and others.

The Committee discusses selected drafts of EU regulations concerning agriculture and fisheries within the European Union.

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