Committee on Security
About the Committee


The issue of internal security was first discussed in the Czech National Council within the Committee on Petitions, Legal Protection and Security, established on 26th June 1990, with Vladimír Šuman elected as its Chairperson. In the subsequent electoral term (June 1992–December 1992), the Committee only dealt with the issue of legal protection and security. In the years 1993–1996, internal security came under the Civil Defence and Security Committee. From 1996 to 2006, the scope of the Committee’s competence was extended to military defence. Due to the demanding nature of both authorities, the Civil Defence and Security Committee was divided into two separate committees in 2006, namely the Committee on Security and the Committee on Defence.

Recent Development

The Committee on Security is established by a resolution of the Chamber of Deputies. As a part of its budget activity, the Committee discusses the Czech Ministry of the Interior, Security Information Service and Czech Ministry of Justice (Prison Services Division) budget chapter proposals.

Current Agenda

Discussing Bills

The Committee discusses individual bills between the first and second readings, mostly discussing bills presented by the Ministry of the Interior on behalf of the Government. The Minister is invited to join the Committee for the discussion of the bill. The Committee on Security deals primarily with issues related to the Police of the Czech Republic, municipal and city police forces, intelligence services, prison services, energy security of the state, rescue forces and emergency services, handling mostly conceptual issues in these areas, to which also the competence of the Committee’s four sub-committees corresponds.

Foreign Relations, European Agenda

The Committee maintains foreign contacts with partner committees in Europe and the world. The Committee has discussed some drafts prepared by EU bodies.

By means of legislative initiatives, European regulations are then transposed into the Czech legal system. The Committee is also responsible for contacts with Europol.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are convened and conducted by the Chairperson, who is obliged to convene a meeting upon the decision of the Chamber of Deputies, or upon a request of at least two-fifths of all the members of the Committee, and must do so within 15 days from such a decision or request. The meeting’s agenda is proposed by the Chairperson and approved by the Committee. If a member of the Committee requests that an additional item be added to the agenda, it must be approved by three-fifths of all the members of the Committee. The Committee’s meetings are open to the public, but it may be proposed that a meeting be declared closed to the public (excluding the public and media). The Committee decides by an absolute majority of the members present.

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