Author & reader event - III (28. 11. 2016)
The Warsaw Uprising in the new book "We wanted to be free"

The Parliamentary Library welcomed very special guests from Warsaw on Monday 21 November. The discussion organized in cooperation with The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Polish Institute and National Museum of Prague hosted personalities closely connected with the opening of the Warsaw Uprising Museum which currently represents one of the most prominent and successful projects regarding Polish policy towards its national history after 1989.

Paweł Ukielski, vice-director of the Museum and Lena Dabkowska-Cichocka, member of the preparatory team who is also the State Secretary for Culture in the Chancellery of the President, member of the Sejm and representative of the newly conceived Museum of Polish History came to share their experience with founding the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

The director of the Polish Institute Mr. Maciej Ruczaj opened the event by introducing the new book "We wanted to be free. Stories of the Warsaw Uprising." published by the citizens’ association Pant and co-authored by Paweł Ukielski.

The participants discussed the broader context within which the Warsaw Uprising Museum was opened. The guiding idea was to say whether the role of a history museum is to educate citizens or raise pertinent questions on a particular time in a nation’s history. The discussion then spread to the state of the Czech and Polish museology and proliferation between history and politics.

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