Mgr. Radek Vondracek

Mgr. Radek Vondracek

Welcome on the website of the lower chamber of the Parliament of the Czech Republic!
I believe you will find all requested information on the work of the Chamber as well as on the activities of its individual members.
I pursue the idea of opening fully the Chamber of Deputies to the public. I want to provide every citizen with practical insight into the process of law adoption and decision-making of their MPs which have a direct impact upon the everyday life in our country.


Constituency Office:

Masarykovo namesti 128, 767 01  Kromeriz


  • Miroslav Michajlovič
  • MUDr. Pavel Volčík

Seat in the Chamber

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Mgr. Radek Vondráček

Mgr. Radek Vondráček

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